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James Perry

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Specialist in Local Farmed Produce 



At Chester Produce over the last five years I have built up a portfolio of local growers which is proving very popular with our customers.


D. S. Thornhill, I work very closely with Dennis Thornhill and his two sons David and Phillip.  They produce around nine different varieties of potato from seventy five acres all in the local area.  We discuss early in the season which varieties to grow and planting times so ensuring we have a local potato available for every different dish throughout the season (June through to April).


Willington Fruit Farm is another local grower with whom I have a very successful relationship.  Willington Fruit Farm is set in the heart of Cheshire, run by John Winsor and his family, established over fifty years ago, their orchards produce apples, rhubarb and other unusual fruit products and they have also grown strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants and gooseberries since 1953 in which year they also planted his first apple orchard and these trees are still producing an abundance of old fashioned traditional varieties of apples.  In addition to the aforementioned he has recently produced some excellent runner beans, cabbage and small amounts of other seasonal produce.


Wirral Watercress is grown by Peter Jones on the Wirral.  Peter is a third generation market gardener, educated at the University of Nottingham with a passion for producing high quality products, predominantly watercress.  I am confident in customer satisfaction when selling his product.

Peter has recently run small scale trials for ourselves in some novel tomato crops and we look forward to having samples of these in the near future.


Cherry Orchard Farm, this is the second and very successful year that we have included Richard Wilding from Cherry Orchard Farm in our supply chain for his asparagus.  Richard is one of the most experienced growers of asparagus in the country, and covers over forty acres at his farm in Oakmere, from where we collect daily both red and green varieties of various grades from jumbo to the very green sprue.


S&B Mushroom, With regard to our local mushrooms, we have an all year round supply on the Wirral in S&B Little.  Steve and Barry are the second generation following in their father’s footsteps.  On their farm they grow various varieties for collection daily.  Keeping mushrooms fresh is essential for their flavour and this is apparent from using their produce.  This is backed up by our regular requests for their mushrooms.


Wood Cottage Berry Farm, is a small family estate on the Shropshire welsh boarder, where blueberries and other fruits are farmed with sustainable ecological methods without the use of pesticides. They grow a wide range of Blueberries, Gooseberries, Cranberries, Lingonberries, Saskatoons, apple juice and jams.


R. Halman, Over the summer months we collect daily all our salad leaves from Roy Halman in Holmes Chapel.  Here Roy and his wife grow and nurture only the finest varieties of different lettuce and ensure that each head supplied weighs over 250gms, ensuring an excellent yield.  Roy has had over forty-five years experience and I have collected and sold his produce for over thirteen years and always supplied it to my customers with confidence.  Later on in the summer months Roy grows a small amount of cauliflower and broccoli to a very high standard for which we have regular requests when available.


Tomlinsons Daries, Our dairy supplier is Phil Tomlinson of Wrexham.  His Tomlinson’s Dairies, was established in 1983.  Essentially all the milk was produced on the family farm at Minera, however as demand for their fresh creams and milk has grown, they have built up a dedicated local supply of fresh milk with neighbouring dairy farmers.  They are passionate in their belief that food miles should be kept to a minimum and are proud to source all their milk locally and this is also apparent in the guaranteed quality and freshness of their high quality cream and milk.


Freshfields Eggs, With regard to my egg supplies, I have a long, well established relationship with Neil Davies of Freshfields Farm Eggs in Nantwich.  Neil has two thousand chickens and we have three deliveries per week of eggs both free-range and barn laid.


Robinsons Tomatoes, Our tomatoes are grown in Cheshire in the traditional glass house way by Robinsons of Heald Green.  Although this way of producing tomatoes is no longer as popular, it produces a tomato with a fuller flavour and better colour.  Although this product may cost a little extra, I feel it is very well worth it for the quality and flavour. Especially on their vine varieties.





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